plus48 architecture


Karol Szparkowski


KAROL SZPARKOWSKI, architect and partner in the +48 Design Group.

A young generation architect, together with Kamil Miklaszewski they opened the +48 architectonic studio. The studio is interested both in constructional as well as innovative application of materials.  Karol is a lecturer at the University of Ecology and Management where he applies a workshop method, specialising in teaching object shaping through workshops. He pays particular attention to construction, erecting temporary pavilions in his classes.  His method is based on illustrating and explaining the conditions which impact the building’s shape. During classes with students, he eagerly reaches for the workshop method. Methodology of these workshops, which can be adjusted to diverse groups of participants, was also used while working with children from Ukraine and Georgia.

When it comes to social activity, together with other members of the +48 Group, he actively supports social organisation directly interested in architecture, city planning and historic buildings conservation, as well as those working within the field of development and education with the use of architecture and architectural workshops.

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