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Location: Malta Lake

Lake Malta, known also as the Maltański Reservoir, is an artificial lake in Poznań. It was formed in 1952 as a result of the damming of the Cybina River. It is about 2.2 km long (with the circuit of 5,6 km), which makes the lake the biggest man-made lake of the city. The water is 3.1 m deep on average with a maximum about 5 m. There are a number of recreational attractions along the edge of the lake including: an artificial ski slope, an artificial ice rink, a zoological garden, Kolejka Parkowa Maltanka – a narrow  railway, the Mound of Freedom, seasonal bikes rental – MaltaBike

The lake also has one of the oldest man-made rowing venues in Europe – The Malta Regatta Course. This dates back to 1952 and has held a number of Rowing World Cup events.

The lake also gives its name to the Malta theatre festival, held in Poznań annually in June, with some of the shows taking place next to the lake.


TASK – to create picnic spot

For centuries, food has shaped how we function as a community, influenced interpersonal relationships, as well as the relationship between man and the surrounding nature. Joint meals have always been an integral part of community formation, as well as any meetings and celebrations. The role of food in the shaping of cities and public spaces has been described by Carolyn Steel in the book „Sitopia”, where it indicates the role that food, celebration of food in accordance with nature and joint meals with the loved ones play in the contemporary shaping of urban spaces. 

The most frequently visited places in any city are places gathering people at joint meals, cafes, restaurants, seats conducive to eating snacks during a walk, as well as parks and green spaces where you can spread a blanket, organize a picnic. 

The culture of eating in nature dates back to the 18th century and has evolved over the years from an activity reserved for the aristocracy to a form of leisure available to all. 




  • Picnic furniture or a set of picnic furniture dedicated to recreation for people walking around the Lake Malta
  • The facility is to serve both individual users strolling in nature as a place to stop and rest, as well as smaller groups (up to 12 people) looking for a place to meet in the open air. 
  • The project should include a comfortable place for recreation suitable for all age groups, with particular emphasis on families with children and the elderly.
  • The facility should open visually to a water reservoir and fit into the surrounding landscape. The furniture could use the existing slope in the direction of water.
  • Shading and protective elements in case of bad weather will be appreciated. 
  • The elements should be multifunctional and suitable for pleasant leisure time: both sitting and lying down, as well as enabling eating in nature. 
  • The objects should be easily adaptable to the ideas and creativity of its users. 



Group – led by Warsaw architect Aleksander Wadas – was tasked with creating picnic furniture at the level of the Malta Thermal Baths, next to the playground. Inspired by Japanese pavilions, this functional, simple piece of furniture called PIC WAVE consists of two – 6-seater picnic tables divided by a lowered platform, giving the furniture piece the possibility of less formal use by younger people. The architects, referring to Klemens Mikuła’s details, decided to paint the furniture’s columns red, while the yellow sheet metal roof, slightly sloping towards the lake, is a visible reference to the details of the iconic grandstand building located on the opposite side of the lake. 


Student participiants:

Tomasz Maśka, Anna Szafran, Bartosz Dąbrowski, Kalina Orłowska, Boglarka Molnar, Gábor Kránicz, Dániel Belák, Nikolett Baboss, Adrian Ďurmek, Vladimira Zubková, Marta Walkowiak

Tutor: Aleksander Wadas Studio

Architects from Poland

Aleksander Wadas is an architect and designer. He founded his own practice in Warsaw in 2018 after working for couple years in architectural offices in Denmark and Poland.

His work ranges from urban furniture, interior design and architecture. Especially interested in working on the intersection of various design fields to create unpretentious, modest and natural architecture Experienced in designing family homes, office buildings, public spaces and exhibition halls. Lately enthusiastic about working closer with craftmen on small scale objects and furniture.