In the bloc(k) – open lecture

As a part of the events accompanying the Mood for wood workshops, we would like to invite you to the open lecture – In the bloc(k) presented by dr. Michał Wiśniewski

After the second world war when the countries of Central Europe had been subordinated to the Soviet Union, they went through a similar path of development related to industrialisation and a new wave of urbanisation. While during the first decade after the war, socrealism was the idea ruling urban planning and architecture, after 1956 the whole region saw a turn towards modernity. The architecture corresponded to the tale of the fast growth of Eastern Bloc, the pioneers of space travel who sent the first human into space. The symbol and the tool of city growth became a housing block, preferably one constructed from prefabricated reinforced concrete panels. Paneláky, plattenbau, or the great panel are just a few names for the phenomenon which for many decades determined cultural changes in the landscape of cities and villages. After the system collapsed they were often despised and mocked, but today they return to their glory. The lecture will concentrate on the main trends in the growth of housing development in the countries of Eastern Blok after 1956.

When: 24.07.2018 at 8.00 pm
Where: Culture Centre Castle – sw. Marcin 80/82 St.
Sala Kominkowa I floor, old part of the Castle