Location: Dębina- Borusa Pond

As part of public consultations, a space on the extended shore by the Borus Pond was selected for the implementation of the meditation and viewing platform.The Borus Pond is located on the main path in Łęgi Dębińskie, near the forester’s lodge. The pond has an area of 2.44 ha, its average depth is 1.70 m. The 665 m long shoreline of the pond is poorly diversifed. The reservoir has a circular shape; it is a typical fishing pond, with numerous fshing stations. There is an artifcially created island in its central part – the largest island in Łęgi Dębińskie (shoreline length 470 m). Entering the island with its huge oaks is forbidden because of rare bird habitats. The platform for meditation and nature observation is to be built facing this island.



Meditation – the practice of exercising the mind or entering an altered state of consciousness for a benefcial effect, or for the mind to acknowledge the content of an altered state without identifying itself with it, or as an end in and of itself. The term “meditation” refers to many different practices, including techniques to increase the inner energy of the life force (qi, ki, prana, etc.) and to develop compassion, love, patience, magnanimity and forgiveness. Meditation has been practiced since ancient times, as part of religious traditions and beliefs. It is applied especially in yoga and in Eastern religions and spirituality (Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Hinduism,
Jainism). Recently it has also been in use by some schools of psychotherapy.
Elements of meditation are also noticeable in Christianity (Hesychasm) and Islam (Sufsm).



The piece of furniture designed by the participants of the workshops should be of a landing type – a platform or a deck slightly extending over the water. The location of
the platform should be adapted to the topography and the course of the roots of nearby old trees. The platform should allow for meditation of a small group of users (2-3people), fishing (single station) and observation of birds, insects and plant,s also from a low level close to the water. The platform should be natural, wood colored; due to the safety and stability of the platform, it is allowed to bind it permanently to the ground.


 Meditation platform aims to add new activity to this vibrant  place, one that will give an opportunity to connect to nature, clear mind  and contemplate. The design allows organizing group sessions, but also  creates intimate space for individual meditation. The structure slightly  extends over water, giving a chance to get closer to the pond and nearby  island. Three decks differ in shape and size in order to give variety of use  and accommodate different needs. The construction follows topography  and goes around roots, respecting nature and merging with the  landscape.

Student participants:

Zuzanna Trzcińska, Helena Wierzbowska, Mārtiņš Zviedrāns, Luīze Mihailova, Eyad Alzerkly, Eddie Hovakimyan, Julian Söller, Oskar Czajkowski, Bernadetta Budzik, Leandra Dewitz, Wojciech Jenerowicz

Tutor: UGO architecture - Hugon Kowalski, NMS architekci - Mikołaj Stępień

Architects from Poland