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Martial Marquet


Founded in 2014, Martial Marquet Studio combines architecture, scenography and design. A trans-disciplinary approach that pays the same attention to the project’s conception as to the final result, where an apparent formal and technical simplicity prevails.For several years now, many of the studio’s projects have been oriented towards the design of convivial and welcoming spaces, both in public spaces and in the landscape. The purity of forms reveals the play of construction and assembly, giving its constructions a minimalistic and sculptural dimension.Perennial or ephemeral, hybrid and evolutionary, his creations advocate an efficiency of form and use, making the user’s experience at the project’s core. His creations also have a formal and symbolic existence of their own, which the architect describes as „signal objects”. Often carried out collectively, Martial Marquet sees his projects as new tools for various experimental and interactive alternatives. Architectures, furniture, installations and objects are conceptually and structurally envisaged as vectors of narratives that reinvent social space.

Martial Marquet is an architect (DESA HMONP) and designer (trained at the ENSCI les ateliers), he is based in Paris area, he works in France and abroad (Hungary, Portugal, Cuba…). Aside of the sutdio Martial is teacher and PHD candidate, he is associate lecturer at École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Versailles and professor at Social Design master program at Ecole Supérieure d’Art et de Design de Valenciennes.

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