Lukáš Šíp + Tibor Varga

Lukáš Šíp

Architect and educator. He works in architectural practice, education and applied research, looking for possible overlaps of these three spheres. Since 2010, he has been working at the Institute of Ecological and Experimental Architecture of Fakulta architektúry a dizajnu STU and at the architectural studio coolstock, which he co – founded in 2012. In the field of research, he deals with sustainable architecture, the analysis of its possible forms and architectural expression, but also with the broader context of the concept of sustainability, especially with the overlap into the cultural sphere. He is the author and editor of several vocational publications

Tibor Varga
He has been working as a teacher, assistant professor at the Institute of Ecological and Experimental Architecture, at the Slovak Technical University at the Fakulta architektúry a dizajnu STU since 2010.
He is engaged in research and teaching of wooden buildings and wooden structures. Together with his colleague Lukáš Šíp, he leads the „Wooden Atelier” studio work. He cooperated as a lecturer at international workshops on the topic of wood in architecture. He has design experience in the field of apartment buildings, family houses, apartment buildings, interiors of retail stores, apartments, offices.
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