Outdoor Cinema – BLOKI Documentary

As a part of the events accompanying the Mood for wood workshops, we would like to invite you to the screening of the film BLOKI.
The projection is free, on the clearing between blocks No. 90 and 97, at the Lech estate.

The story of the gigantic apartment complexes, known as Bloki, built under communist rule. These reviled blocks were home to thousands of people. The architects of these buildings talk about how the blocks came about, while residents explain how they shaped their lives. The government set the architects a clear task, but they did not always submit without signs of frustration. A wonderful story about a past that, despite the depressing Bloki, is not reviled by everyone.

From AFFR 2017 program.


duration: 57:00
director – Konrad Królikowski
scipt – Marta Zabłocka i Konrad Królikowski
production – MediaDizajn and Zachodniopomorski Fundusz Filmowy Pomerania Film 2017©

Screening with english subtitles.