Location: Dock in the Old Port

The Stary Port River Marina is a place where the idea of Poznań returning to the river banks shall be revived. The Stary Port River Marina in its current form has been initiated four years ago by a group of water sports enthusiasts – scouts centred around the Inicjatywa Marynarze [Sailor Initiative] project.   The core of the Marina’s operations is yacht docking and the hire of mechanically propelled boats – anyone can hire a boat, no licences and certifications are needed, only a 10-minute training is required, familiarising oneself with the terms and conditions of usage and adhering to the provisions.   The hire service has six boats at its disposal. Additionally, this year the recreational area with deck chairs will be expanded by food and beverage amenities.


The Stary Port River Marina is managed by the Sea Adventure, which implements this project under the contract of the City of Poznań.  The organisers’ objective is to promote water and the role it plays in the city. 


In addition to amenities such as boat hire, the residents of Poznań can also participate in the design and construction of new vessels during the special boat-building workshops. This year, a city centre regatta will once again take place, the only event of its kind on the Warta river. The event will also include the regatta of sailing models. Moreover, there will be various activities for both youngsters and adults, creative neighbourhood meetings, picnics, concerts, trips and discovering the history of the Warta river.


The service of docking yachts is used mainly by people who visit the city while „passing through”, most often foreigners, but also the residents of Poznań and Wielkopolska province. The operations of the Marina are addressed to the residents of Poznań, tourists and water sports enthusiasts, and this is the public who actively visit this place.


The lack of infrastructure in recreational area – tables and seats; so far the organisers have only had deck chairs.  This year the area is going to be expanded, also by a small library – hence the need to develop and improve the existing equipment. The place is characterised by a significant sun exposure, thus it could also be considered to create a construction serving a shading function. 


The users and the administrators of the space pointed to the lack of recreational spots, especially the lack of seating and tables for larger groups of users. Another problem is the lack of shade – especially troublesome on hot days.  After hearing these needs, the participants created a design idea based on the reinterpretation of a roofed wicker beach chair offering relaxation spot, and shelter from wind and sun. They have designed a 10-meter-long bench with open-work side walls providing shade on hot days.  The form of this piece of furniture references the Gothic cathedral on the opposite bank of the river – the symbol of the Cathedral Island. The wooden furniture is visible form the bridge and the river banks, serving the purpose of an enormous advertisement encouraging passers-by to use the offer of the marina or to relax on the riverside.

Student participants:

 Artur Górski,  Ala Willam,  Monika Truskolawska,  Mikołaj Zimny,  Kristian Vnučko,  Šimon Doubrava, Anette Arany,  Blanka Gáspardy,  Martina Urbanova

Hello Wood- Nagny Mate + Laszlo Mangiliar

Educational platform from Hungary

Hello Wood is an independent, international educational platform in design and architecture. It teaches to think with our hands and learn through experience. It started as an art camp in 2010 with 40 people and it has grown into an annual summer school and festival for architecture welcoming professionals and students from more than 30 countries and 40 universities. In 2017 for the first time it was also organised abroad, in Argentina. Hello Wood is also a design studio, focusing on designing and building temporary, mobile structures, made primarily of wood. The studio does public space installations, festival projects but some more traditional architecture work, as well.