„Find balance!” This is the idiom of this year’s edition of Mood for Wood international design workshop.

It’s been hard to find balance lately. The pandemic, war, inflation and politics have rocked us solidly. We have little influence on global affairs. Therefore we recover our balance more often on a smaller scale and on our own – in parks, by the water, in the forest. Such places can be made even more welcoming and attractive with unusual and attractive forms of street furniture. The kind that participants of the Mood for Wood workshops have been creating for … years. 

During the coming summer holidays, students and young designers will deal with the area around Lake Malta in Poznań. As every year, participants will design, make and place new street furniture and spatial forms made of wood in selected locations – carefully inserted into the spatial context. 

This year there will be an opportunity to sail into fairly wide waters (albeit literally on their shores). Indeed, the area around Lake Malta is very vast and diverse. Instead, benches or seats placed next to it look much duller. Furthermore, there are too few of them. The workshop will therefore create much-needed new urban furniture for as many as six sites around Lake Malta. 

Designing for the Lake Malta grounds will  be a chance to creatively fit into the very interesting and coherently designed sports and leisure complex built in the eighties of the 20th century according to the design by Klemens Mikula. The successful post-modern forms of buildings, bridges and facilities have the chance to become an inspiration for young artists. It can also be the opposite: when the proposed forms stand in contrast to the expressive Malta architecture. 

However it happens, Poznań’s Malta will gain new attractive elements, workshop participants will gain a unique practical experience and Poznań residents will gain comfortable furniture to find their daily balance. Building with wood – in the spirit of sustainability – will certainly help to find a life balance, understood in various ways, in one of the city’s most interesting spaces.  


During twelve days you’ll be focused on group design work, interesting lectures, sightseeing and many more attractions! Your task will be to design and produce wooden city furniture under the supervision of six international groups of tutors for specific urban related localization in Poznań.


Students of Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design and more from Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.

How we do it:


Every design has its users and their needs. Two on-site meetings will be arrange between the participants and locals.


All designs must fulfill the budget – the cost of the materials must not exceed 10 000 pln (about 2500 euro).


The building material is of course wood. There is no limit for the amount of chosen material, except the budget.


Design work place is at Malta Conference Centre, 4 days are available for group work


Carpentry workshops are available for 5 days, we will working on site


Time is of the essence! Respect the schedule, be prepared for the deadlines!


Workshop fee

150 EUR/ 600 PLN

Cost of the workshops includes:


  • accommodation in Poznań during the period 18-29.06.2023
  • full board (breakfast, lunch, supper)
  • coffee breaks
  • travel to/from Poznań  (students from Czech Republic – departure from Prague or Brno, students from Slovakia– departure from Bratislava,  students from Hungary – departure from Gyor or Budapest, students from Poland – public transport from any location in the country)
  • Health and Safety training – ending with a certificate
  • work materials for the workshops
  • package of gadgets from Mood for Wood