Studio No + Katarzyna Cimała

Magda Szwajcowska + Katarzyna Cimała


Studio NO

Architectural duo ( Magda Szwajcowska + Michał Majewski) focused on medium- and small-scale projects.  Their activities combine architecture and design, not with a vague idea of repairing the city tissue but with the concrete goal of doing so and making it serve the residents.  They encourage interaction with the city tissue, extracting its potential. They say of themselves that they create places, designing for the time being or to last a longer while. While their creative process is playful, the outcome is serious; they strive to solve issues, not to erect monuments.

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Katarzyna Cimała

Katarzyna Cimała | graduate of the Faculty of Architecture of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. Scholarship holder of the Spanish university Escuela Superior De Arquitectura in Seville. She gained her professional experience in English, Spanish and Polish design offices.  Since 2016, she has been running her own business, cooperating with individual clients and design offices. For 5 years she has been in the team of the Wrocław group Kolektyf operating on the border of architecture and art. Privately, an enthusiast of design, photography, film and exotic travels.