One of the most difficult challenges in shaping the space of today’s cities is to provide a framework for meeting others as well as for finding a sense of belonging to a community. To create places where diversity will not be associated with fear or exclusion, and where the community will not be based on closure and fear of others, but where everyone will be able to find the right balance between privacy and belonging. Simply, places where strangers become neighbors. Creating such spaces seems particularly important in big,  diverse cities like Poznań, old neighborhoods in this University city seem to be an ideal training ground in the quest to build communities and a sense of neighborhood through architecture and spatial interventions. Do you want to take on this challenge with us?


During twelve days you’ll be focused on group design work, interesting lectures, sightseeing and many more attractions! Your task will be to design and produce wooden city furniture under the supervision of five international groups of tutors for specific urban related localization in Poznań.


Students of Architecture, Interior Design, Industrial Design and more from Poland, Germany and Czech Republic.

How we do it:


Every design has its users and their needs. Two on-site meetings will be arrange between the participants and locals.


All designs must fulfill the budget – the cost of the materials must not exceed 10 000 pln (about 2500 euro).


The building material is of course wood. There is no limit for the amount of chosen material, except the budget.


Design work place is at  University of Fine Arts, 4 days are available for group work


Carpentry workshops are available for 5 days, we will working on site


Time is of the essence! Respect the schedule, be prepared for the deadlines!


Workshop fee

225 EUR/ 900 PLN

Cost of the workshops includes:

  • accommodation in Poznań during the period 17-28.08.2023
  • full board (breakfast, lunch, supper)
  • coffee breaks
  • travel to/from Poznań  (students from Czech Republic – departure from Prague or Brno, students from Germany – departure from Berlin or Cottbus,  students from Poland – public transport from any location in the country)
  • Health and Safety training – ending with a certificate
  • work materials for the workshops
  • package of gadgets from Mood for Wood