Marcin Kwietowicz + Gaja Bieniasz


Marcin Kwietowicz, a designer, besides the main, commercial trend works in the various art fields. In addition to the interior of Galilu Olfactory Perfumery in Warsaw and Po he is a coauthor of the lobby of the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art (together with W. Kotecki and A. Salamon) and the Institute of Vanguard –Edward Krasinski studio on the roof of a block at the avenue Solidarity in Warsaw (with BAR Architects, Rotterdam) and the Art House/Studio in Warsaw (P. Brzoza), which was awarded in the 8th edition of the competition 20 + 10 + X WA Awards. He is an author of exhibitions, (i.a., of the Polish pavilion in the Art Biennale in Venice. 2005) and film (Artur Żmijewski’s „Repetition”), and theatre (Ivan Vyrypaev’s July) scenography. His projects were published in the Wallpaper Magazine, Architecture – Murator, Architecture & Business, as well as at the web portals (,


Gaja Bieniasz studied architecture at the Architecture Department of the Kraków Technical University and at  Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid). Finalist of  SARP’s Annual Zbyszek Zawistowski award for diploma project of 2008. She also finished the postgraduate course in historic buildings conservation at Arquitectura de Madrid (Mater Oficial de Restauración y Conservación del Patrimonio Arquitectónico). Her professional experience includes work in the Madrid office under the supervision of her master and diploma supervisor Alberto Campo Baeza. She runs her own studio since 2013.