Location: AMICI Association for the support of childeren and their families

The Amici association has been operating since 2002. Its main aim is to support children and their families who find themselves in a difficult situation and wish to lead a healthy lifestyle without alcohol. The association comprises mainly of pedagogues and psychologists. The association has created and manages the „AMICI Skills Studio”, a socio-therapeutic clubhouse. This is where socio-therapeutic, care and educational activities for children and youth aged 6 to 18 take place. Club-goers participate in the following activities: arts, model-making, theatre, photography, film, IT, music, cooking and sports classes. During these activities, participants can develop their passions and interests. They have an opportunity to enhance their socialising skills in a friendly atmosphere and to manage stress, make attempts at finding strong points of their characters and to discover ways of leading a satisfying life.


There are different events organised for persons under our care and their families, such as Nativity plays, poetry evenings, karaoke, sports days, Christmas markets and talent parades which integrate participants and encourage having fun together. Volunteers, most often Polish teachers, maths teachers and English teachers, help those under our care in learning. Another important activity which the association implements is supporting families in crisis through mediation, workshops for parents, psychological-educational classes with the elements of socio-therapy for children. Parents can also use the free help of a mediator, psychologist, pedagogue and a lawyer.


During the meetings with pedagogues, psychologists and the users, an area in close proximity to the clubhouse was chosen. It is in the neighbourhood of frequently used paths leading to a local clinic and a tram stop.  Advantages of this area include the terrain shape, a group of trees and bushes dividing the area into two parts – one open to the housing blocks, and the other one more secluded near the car park.

Ideally, this area could function as a place of integration between the users of the Amici Skills Workshop and the residents of the estate. Here, the achievements of children and youth could be presented, as well as the operations of the Association. The place should respond to the need for intimacy, closeness, rest, relaxation, creativity and education of the users and draw attention and encourage others to integrate. Lawn behind the trees seems perfect for creating a recreational spot or organising picnics, creative and educational group activities, games, and a relaxation zone. Among the elements which could appear in this place suggested by the employees where seats, hammocks, multi-purpose tables with the ability for creating original board games, roofing, a common table, elements facilitating children’s play. It could serve as a rest spot for the participants of the Amici Skills Studio (groups of up to 14 people) during classes, as well as be used by the residents.


Main goal of project was to design creative place for activity of the Amici association as well as for the other residents living nearby. Group was trying to answer a question to their desire to have an outdoor space for meetings, occasional events as a theatre performance, and present their operation in the neighborhood. Students created an exterior living room for Amici club-goers that consist from two parts. Exterior circle defines area, that they can use in occasional events and it has also a function of creative and informative wall. There is a crossroad of pathwalks inside of this circle so every pedestrian passing by will notice that he enter the border of some special place. Group  furnished the Amici living room with the big table as the most necessary piece of furniture for their activities. The furniture has a two main application – a table, for the amici association and a bench for a inhabitants living near by. It has a circular shape, as a symbol of union and community and it is also most suitable shape for therapies and group meeting because it is easy to talk and keep eye contact. A variable height changing from ground level where is entrance to inner circle, through sitting level that can also serve as an table for people sitting on the ground to the level of casual table. The highest part is reserved for the teacher as an comfortable table with a normal chair. Variable height and width, which was inspired by a ribbon, makes the shape more dynamic and playful and it offers more alternative of its usage.

Student participiants:

Karolina Rossa, Kristýna Mocová, Marta Zielińska, Michał Wachura, Patrik Patil, Soňa Havlíková, Tomáš Pavlakovič, Viktoria Pálfy, Maciej Toszek

Student participiants:

Karolina Rossa, Kristýna Mocová, Marta Zielińska, Michał Wachura, Patrik Patil, Soňa Havlíková, Tomáš Pavlakovič, Viktoria Pálfy, Maciej Toszek

Tutor: NOMAD Studio Bence Pasztor + Soma Pongor

Architects from Hungary

Studio Nomad is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Budapest, Hungary. Bence Pasztor, David Tarcali and Soma Pongor are the founding members with background in architecture. The word ‘Nomad’ reflects the diversity of our creative work that spans from small objects to larger landscape architectural projects and spatial installations.

​Our aim is to show the beauty and joy residing in the simplicity of structure and materials. What drives us is our curiosity to experiment and our intention to create something new and unseen.