Location: Dzieciniec pod Słońcem

„Dzieciniec” is a vast Jordan garden with an intimate building of the Municipal Youth Culture Centre. The green and spacious complex was built in 1929 between Dębińska Street and the Warta River and the River Baths built on the river at the same time. In recent years, after years of degradation and oblivion, both Dzieciniec and Baths have been extensively restored in a form very similar to the original nearly a century ago.

Now it’s time to introduce contemporary and functional variety to the geometrically laid out garden space, designed with young people in mind. To create such elements that are missing in the aesthetic, but still poorly animated space. Furniture that is useful, multifunctional, easily accessible, unique with an element of fun – and at the same time respectful of the historical context, as Dzieciniec is under the tutelage of historical preservationists.



There are 6 theaters and film clubs operating at the Youth Cultural Centre No. 1: Anikame Theatrical Studio, Arlekin, Young actor and director club, Studio Talentu, Aktiv and Director’s Club.


The program of the theatrical groups includes a comprehensive acting workshop, creating performances, and preparing for theatre schools. The groups creates musicals, performances, and vocal concerts. Combining theatre and music. The aim of the classes consists in developing children’s predispositions and skills by activating imagination and independent thinking, as well as learning self-presentation. Group integration, joint activities, exercises, and fun intend to help achieve individual development. During the classes, young people learn  the  basics of acting, directing, editing, camera work, and production. They make films – often in the open air. 




The aim of the furniture was to create a space with the character of a stage element, preferably with a roof (providing shade and protection against the wind). It should have allowed to carry out classes in groups of approx. 12-15 people (e.g. performances, shows) with a construction allowing easily hanging decorations temporarily.


The main task of the designed structure was to provide space for the numerous theater circles and other artistic groups operating within MDK1. The proposal combines elements included in a traditional theater stage, the stage platform and a structure that provides many possibilities for arranging theatrical decorations and roofing. The multidirectional of the proposed stage is due to the possibility of arranging performances at different times of the day, providing the greatest possible comfort for the performing audience and people audience. The straightforward directions of the structure are a response to the existing historical layout, while the chosen location was intended to interfere as little as possible with the the axial layout of the Children’s Center under the Sun. The usable area of the building is 32.5 square meters, while the height at the highest point from ground level is no more than 4 meters. The summer stage has been designed with a wooden structure.

Student participiants:

Anastasiya Ramult, Baptiste Chassang, Emilia Czajka, Jan Binzer, Kaung Khant Kyaw Swar, Lea Mißach, Maria Pielach, Mateusz Tomaszewski, Matsvei Yukhnavets, Shwe Hlaing Win, Xiaoqian Wang

Tutor: Nils Wenk

Architect from Germany

Founder of Wenk Architekten architecture studio in Berlin. Professor at the chair of Building Construction and Design at Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus – Senftenberg. The architect is a winner of numerous awards, e.g.: Hans-Schaefers-Preis (2010), Heinze Architekten AWARD (2010), DEUBAU- Preis and Best Architects 14. Tutor in numerous international design workshops.