Location: Orle Gniazdo Community Centre


The Community Centre is an educational-cultural facility of the “Osiedle Młodych” Housing Cooperative in Poznań, it has operated within the Lecha Estate continuously since 1979. The first years of operation showed how important it is to have a common area where one can spend free time. The cultural life of the residents concentrated and developed around the centre. The community centre has been a meeting place of all generations for almost 40 years. It is also where three local clubs have their headquarters – located on the Lecha and Czecha estates – the “Mieszko” Children’s Club, the “Rodzina” Senior’s Club, and the “Tacy Sami” Club for the disabled and their families. 


The social-education activity of the “Orle Gniazdo” Community Centre is addressed to all of the residents of our estates, particularly to children, youth and seniors. The principal task of the animators working here is the daily work with the participants of permanent teams. These activities encompass around 700 people and are addressed to parents and children aged 2 or more, youth, adults and seniors. Moreover, in free time the facility invites residents to cyclical events – concerts, performances, workshops, tournaments, meetings, and dances, which amounts to even several tens of events annually. One of the favourite events is the picnic which serves as a unique opportunity for meetings neighbours and engaging in active leisure. Due to its location – the pitch in the middle of the Lecha Estate – it could be referred to as social agora, a place of meeting and integration of the residents of neighbouring estates and realisation of common goals. The “O! Piknik!” is a creative space for common fun activities of children, youth, adults, and seniors.


During the open consultations, the residents were asked for the possibility of managing the area at the centre of the estate, located in near vicinity of the “Orle Gniazdo” Community Centre and the main pedestrian routes between the pitch and playgrounds. The main users of the the area are currently adults, youth, children, and, to a lesser extent, seniors. The area is used as a local football pitch, a seasonal place of exercise for the pupils of the nearby school, play for children and youth, for strolling, walking dogs and for the purposes of organising picnics.  The advantage of the area is also the fact that it is located far from roads and car parks and thus safe for children who can freely move between the pitch and the playgrounds. Trees growing by the pavements offer shade and encourage play. Parents emphasise the possibility of using the historical thread related to the name of the estate and the community centre, namely the founding myth of Lech, Rus and Czech, in the creation of play area for children – an artistic installation referencing the Slavic settlement. Object created in this place can also be the stands for watching matches, performances, or outdoor film screenings, combining the functions of sitting elements, deck chairs, play things or even hideouts. 




The aim of this project was to reach the human scale: to make the gravitational point for locals, activate the localization providing large, interesting form which can be used for different activities, does not dominate, but points on location’s values: huge sport area, so the project can be used as a tribune or a podium, during the open air cinema it also can provide seating for viewers, but for everyday life it is just perfect place for meetings and relaxation.

Structurally, 15 meters length project is formed from wooden frames made up of timber beams and planks, standing on small concrete slabs. The second and third part of design in width has this difference in frames’ height and surface made of bended planks which provide stunning visual effect and high stiffness of structure.

Student participiants:

Alan Kozłowski,  Anton Budas,  Ivana Rusnáková,  Katarzyna Maliszewska,  Lucie Zádrapová, Maria Katarzyna Kwiatkowska, Marek Kratochvíl, Michal  Liška, Viola Bálint

Tutor: Karol Szparkowski

Architect from Poland

Architect and partner in the +48 Design Group.

A young generation architect, together with Kamil Miklaszewski they opened the +48 architectonic studio. The studio is interested both in constructional as well as innovative application of materials.  Karol is a lecturer at the University of Ecology and Management where he applies a workshop method, specialising in teaching object shaping through workshops. He pays particular attention to construction, erecting temporary pavilions in his classes.  His method is based on illustrating and explaining the conditions which impact the building’s shape. During classes with students, he eagerly reaches for the workshop method. Methodology of these workshops, which can be adjusted to diverse groups of participants, was also used while working with children from Ukraine and Georgia.

When it comes to social activity, together with other members of the +48 Group, he actively supports social organisation directly interested in architecture, city planning and historic buildings conservation, as well as those working within the field of development and education with the use of architecture and architectural workshops.