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Location: Dzielnico

In Jeżyce, through a partnership with the initiative Szm21 / Studio, the Malta Foundation implemented a design project. Szm21 / Studio is a place that was founded in December 2013, one of the poorest houses in Jeżyce. The originators: Agnieszka Chlebowska and Robert Ogurkis began to work with children and residents, to demystify the building on Szamarzewskiego 21 through positive and creative work. In cooperation with Generator Malta, it was possible to take on the next challenge: renovate and revitalize the kiosk at the intersection Jackowski and Wawrzyniak. The kiosk was repaired and renovated primarily by boys and girls with Szm21 / Studio. The project was eventually joined by local residents. The kiosk became a day café, where you to eat local cake or hummus free of charge, as well as a venue for concerts, debates and meetings. Thanks to the involvement of residents and activists, the kiosk also functions during the summer.



Agnieszka Chlebowska – initiator of Dzielnico and other socio-artistic initiatives, animator, theater director, curator. The co-founder and coordinator of the Dzielnico initiative is Robert Ogurkis. Recently they were joined by young activists and artists: Ela Niewiadomska, Katarzyna Wąsowska, Karol Kołodziejczyk, and Dominika Szelążek. Dzielnico functioned with the support of the Cooperative Banking Group, Baśni Właśnie, the Republic of Rhythm – School of Contemporary Music, Generator Malta and the people of Jeżyce. Currently Dzielnico partnered with:Generator Malta – co-organizer of socio-artistic projects carried out in the Kiosk. Amaranth Center – a new place for cultural and social activities in Jeżyce. It supports activities of the Dzielnico initiative in the promotion and organization of events, including provisioning of space in case of bad weather.


The actions of the kiosk in the Dzielnico initiative is based on two aspects. One of them is work with children and youth. The second is getting to know the residents Jeżyce. Of course, these two missions are intertwined. Activities involving children are based around the concept of creating a group that works together toward a common goal.  They sometimes draw maps of Jeżyce, make postcards of Poznan, attend music workshops or plays.


The Kiosk itself is quite small. Meetings, as well as neighborhood activities – picnics, concerts – held by the kiosk, take place on the adjacent grounds. 
The biggest problem that we face is the proximity of a dumpster site and the smells emanating from it. Covering the site would greatly improve the local atmosphere. Users also  considerated building a roof, which would provide shade, protect plants from excessive sunlight, and activity participants from rain.




Students incorporated fun with practicality, creating a multi-functional wall system which, through various arrangements of poles, can be used to create tables, chairs, ladders to climb, and when combined with tarps – shelter. The poles can also be arranged to form inscriptions informing people of upcoming or ongoing events. The entire project has been designed so that children of all ages can participate in its creation.
A storage crate for wooden elements was constructed, as well as a wall which completely covers the dumpster site and reduces unpleasant odors. On this wooden wall you can create a vertical garden. An information board has also been put up which displays the name of the project and its website.

Student participants:

Weronika Król, Kristian Vnucko, Simon Kos, Justyna Krata, Patrycja Pokrzywa, Filip Potoczek, Zsanett Ritter, Adel laura Saghegny, Anna Smyczyńska, Patryk Ślusarski, Mehmet Ali Gasseloğlu, Serkan Can Hatipoğlu

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